Construction begin on Little Paws Boarding in July of 2006
There are 24 individual indoor/outdoor runs.
Pictures of the kennel completed.
Entrance to Kennel   Check-In Office  
Inside Kennel center Center Island Left kennel
PVC pens were custom made by Jim Van Vleet of Affordable Kennels. We cannot thank Jim enough for his impecabble customer service. Shipping the pens all the way from Indiana!
Jim Van Vleet
219.326.6848 (Indiana)
We now have wire pens for pen chewers and tops for jumpers.
New clear light weight door flaps just for small dogs. Pens inside are 36" tall and 4 feet x 4 feet. Pens have a solid divider between each pen so that they cannot see their neighbor. This avoids fence fighting and being pee'd on. We have 2 types of beds we use Pet Cots - and Perla Round Pet Bed which we fill with lots of quilts for the dogs to snuggle into. Wall murals back wall
Murals are done by Barbara Brown - please contact us for her phone number if your interested in having her do some beautiful artwork for you or her email is:
We have 10 spacious and bright skylights which give the kennel LOTS of natural light and a bright and airy feeling. Food Storage We have 2 TV's that play all the time on QVC we use QVC because it is just people talking dogs barking or sirens to upset the dogs. Just the calm voices of people. Maintenance and handy man Jim who does all the repairs to keep the place running smoothly.
Outside Kennel lighting
The inside of the pens behind the lattice well lighted during the night hours.
The outside Pens of which the dogs pass through a med size dog door which for dogs not use to dog doors are propt open. Outside cement is sealed. Pens are 1" x 2" welded wire - 6 foot tall, 6 foot long and 4 foot wide. Made specifically tight and small so no small heads or feet can squeeze through. There are dividers between each pen so the dogs cannot see their neighbor which avoids being pee'd on and fence fighting. The top of the pens are framed in with 1" hole Plastic lattice so nothing can crawl in and nothing can crawl out. The boarder fencing around the outside kennels which leads to the exercise yard the dogs are lead into.
(front to back view) The left side yard for the pens on the left side. Chain linked in (unfinished in this picture) 1/4 acre of exercise area for the dogs to stretch their legs. Dogs are let out 4 to 5 times a day. One acre of FUTURE Dog Park and Dog Walk area. Totally fenced in with 1" x 4" welded wire 5' tall . A 3 foot wide path of mulch will be around the perimeter for a safe walking area for the dogs. The center will have tree's and an agility play area with pool for the dogs. (back to front view) The left side yard for the pens on the left side. Chain linked in (unfinished in this picture) 1/4 acre of exercise area for the dogs to stretch their legs. Dogs are let out 4 to 5 times a day. The official Mascot and Protector of Little Paws Boarders... A Belgian Malinois
This is the side yard for the left side of the building rooms. There are separate exercise yards for each side of the building. This is the right side exercise yard for the bank of rooms on the right. The dogs are turned out 3 to 4 times a day for a good run.    
Pictures below are of the construction phase of the kennel.
Click on thumbnails to view larger image.
L to R Julie putting in a line stake, Jim (w/paper) discussing strategies with Keith neighbor and ...... Betty putting in the first stake. Steve Jr and Steve Sr helping out his son with Ketchum Dozing & Excavating- Olympia, WA. Steve Jr. was amazing and so helpful he gets a 5 star rating for service and work ethics and going that extra mile. We couldn't have done it without you Steve. Keith (l) Betty surveying the "dig". Patelco installed a new electrical pole and transformer for the kennel.
The soil was so soft we had to hire a cement pumper truck for a mere $1000 extra.. to pour the foundation. Foundation being poured - NOTE: to current builders make sure your wall cement pourer's don't push the wall bolts too far down cause this causes extra work for the framers... this was one of many issues we encountered doing your own subcontracting. The foundation unframed note all the holes for the kennel doors...each hole had to be framed individually. Jim supervising the plumbing connection for the hooking up the water.
Robin Moser's Cement Finishing Inc. 360.951.4004. Robin takes pride in his craftsmanship and we thank him too for doing the bib for the driveway...a small project no one wanting to do. Miles Sand and Gravel delivered on time. Keith Left and Dad putting in supports. Wall Construction Crew Rich Hill Olympic View Construction & Son Martin Hill did a terrific job and get a 5 star rating 866.4349.
Martin putting up the first wall. Shamania Plumbing Olympia. Putting in the insulation board to be able to lay down the radiant heat tubing. Betty.. showing cutting polystyrene board isn't just mans work!
The jungle of tubing layed out for the radiant heated floors.  Five Mile Gravel went that extra mile and gets a Five Star Rating on a Need NOW delivery on a Holiday! We were impressed!! Martin Putting up the Tyvek vapor barrier. Tru Truss did all our custom roof trusses.
Tru Truss did all our custom roof trusses. The inside skeleton. Betty making sure Jim's painting is up to par. The outside painting crew - Jim & Betty.
Almost done..      



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