Boarding Policies
A Member of our family is chemically sensitive. Due to sensitivities we have some special guidelines to help with their disability as follows:

When dropping off and picking up your dog PLEASE do not wear any strong perfumes, hair products, and colognes or use any hand sanitizers before coming into the building.


Please DO NOT administer any flea topicals to your dog any sooner than one week PRIOR to its stay. We are not saying do not use them we are asking that you do not apply any sooner than one week before your dogs stay.


Dogs with Flea infestation will be treated and you will be charged an additional fee for topical and oral flea meds. If the dog is infested and requires grooming you will be charged $50.00 plus groomer's fee.


If you have any questions, or concerns PLEASE call and we will help any way we can.

Please bring a copy of your dogs vaccination records with you if your dog is boarding for the first time at Little Paws. Dogs must have core series of Vaccinations including bordetella, Rabies (on dogs 6 months and older only). We follow the most current and revised vaccination protocols Dr. Jean Dodd's and the American Veterinary Medical Society.  For more details check out Dr. Dodds website:

Please NOTE: Kennel cough (aka bordetella vaccine) is a VIRUS much like a human cold virus. There are MANY different strains of the bordetella virus just like the human flu. A bordetella shot helps but DOES NOT prevent all strains of kennel cough. There is a very virulent new strain  going around that the bordetella vaccine does not prevent.

If your dog becomes ill it will be given medical attention and quarantined as needed and you are responsible for any additional charges required.

If your dog bites or is aggressive it will not be allowed to board at Little Paws. If your dog becomes aggressive while being boarded you will be charged $100 for extra security and precautions. Fearful dogs are accepted but aggressive dogs are not.

Bitches in season are allowed In the Suite Pen's only $80 day. If your bitch comes into season while she is being boarded she will be isolated to the Suite's and be charged accordingly.

We reserve the right to trim any hair on the dog that impedes or causes the dog to not poop or pee properly during its stay.

We provide the Bed, Blankets and Bowls.  You bring food, treat and toys. We do not accept beds or crates. If you want to bring a blanket it must be clean, and washed in scent free detergent and no dryer sheets or softners.

NOTE: In the boarding contract to stay at the kennel it states: I agree to pay all costs for any property damage or personal injury caused by my pet/s during its stay when requested by the owners for such damage or personal injury. In other words You are responsible for any damages your dog does to the kennel.
In the event your dog becomes ill, while being boarding, it will be taken to the Dog Emergency Clinic Unless other arrangements have been made. If you would prefer your vet please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements if possible. If not available or unable to meet schedule the dog will go to the Dog ER Clinic.


In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake please visit the website for posted information including emergency contact numbers. We will do everything to make sure your pet is safe and secure until you can come and get them. You may have to come and get your pet as soon as you can if the kennel has been damaged. Again check the website for information.

The boarding kennel is prepared and built to STRICT new and improved earthquake Codes. We have bottled water at all times and a back up generator for power to keep your pet in the best comfort possible if those circumstances should arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a CHEMICAL FREE boarding facility.

We strive to be a totally chemical free boarding facility to help preserve the environment and the health and welfare of humans and pets.

To help us keep a totally chemical FREE environment we clean and disinfect using all natural products. Not only healthier for our environment but for humans and much safer for our beloved pets. We clean and disinfect using:

Vinegar: a natural disinfectant and urine neutralizer
Peppermint Soap: a natural astringent and deodorizer
Tea Tree Oil: Anti fungal and disinfectant and deodorizer
Hydrogen Peroxide: Germ buster and used after vinegar is equivalent to bleach 99%
Steam: Hot Steam kills germs and viruses due to the extreme temperature of the water.
Baking Soda: A great natural scrubber & deodorizer




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